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SALT LAKE CITY — As a young Marine in the Korean War, John Cole endured some of the fiercest fighting and most brutal weather American forces have ever faced.

Certificates of appreciation were given to 230 Korean War-era veterans from Shelton and other Valley towns during a ceremony Tuesday evening at American Legion Post No. 16 in Shelton. See Full Article>

A Korean War hero comes home at last: Army Lt. Col. Don Carlos Faith Jr., his men vastly outnumbered by Chinese troops in North Korea, devised a desperate plan to break out of the trap. He did not survive, but those who did remember him as “a soldier’s soldier.”  See Full Article>

Kapaun was so beloved that U.S. prisoners of war who knew him began calling for him to receive the military’s highest honor on the day they were released from their North Korean POW camp 60 years ago.

Pictured: Obama presented the award to Kapaun's nephew.

See Full Article>

The story of a young Duluth native killed in the opening days of the Korean War will be part of a memorial museum opening next month in South Korea.  From the Duluth Tribune. Read Full Article>