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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speaks at the Pentagon Korean War Exhibit.

Korean War Monument, Korean War Hagerstown

Eighty-four-year-old John Jackson sat by the memorial and remembered his days of fighting in the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War.

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Department of Defense Unveils Korean War Pentagon Exhibit

Members of the Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee participated in a special program and ribbon cutting ceremony today to dedicate the Pentagon’s permanent Korean War exhibit. The exhibit, which was constructed after meetings with DoD officials and Veterans, debuts one month before the 60th Anniversary Signing of the Armistice event on July 27.     

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Interview with Colonel Clark

"One thing we hoped to do was to highlight some elements of the Korean War not shown during earlier anniversaries and some things that weren't emphasized at the end of the war. One was the diversity of troops who served. . ."

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