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The Korean War Collection is the most comprehensive mobile application concerning the Korean War. This educational collection pays tribute to the sacrifices and contributions of the Korean War veterans and their families by providing insight and information about the Korean War. The application includes three key Korean War-specific elements:
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Korean War Website Apps

The eBook Library consists of more than 40 Korean War-related publications focusing on various aspects of the war and the various service branches who served there.
The Korean War Digital Encyclopedia is comprised of more than 1250 entries related to a variety of topics from people, locations, operations, and battles, to advances in technology, science, and medicine. It includes more than 700 Korean War-era images.
The Korean War Wiki provides access to an online wiki that allows users to add their own stories, insights, and memories. This repository combines information from the Encyclopedia with that of user-provided content and information. Anyone with the Wiki app can view, edit, and append existing entries or create their own new entries. This living library allows users to navigate, browse, or search for specific topics from the ever-expanding list of entries.