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The Women Marines' Third War

SUBHEAD/QUOTE: "The Corps was brother, mother, and father to me. I went from an immature individual to a self-disciplined, goal-minded woman."

ATTRIBUTION: Sergeant Gladys DeKlotz, 1951

Over 300 women served in the Marine Corps during World War I. More than 23,000 Women Marines served during World War II, but only a handful remained on duty in 1950. On 24 Jul Major Pauline Beckley arrived at Camp Lejeune to receive women reservists called up for service in the Korean emergency. Although their roles remained non-tactical, the number of Women Marines grew to 2,700, and they served throughout the United States, and in Hawaii and Germany. Congressional legislation of the era directed the services to accept women as regulars, which allowed the Corps thereafter to maintain a peacetime cadre of Women Marines and avoid the roller-coaster cycles of cutbacks and mobilization.