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Reaching across America and through communities, we welcome the opportunity to partner and collaborate with local, state and other federal organizations in order to recognize all Korean War Veterans. Schools, civic and Veteran organizations all across the Nation can be part of this effort to pay tribute to these heroes. 
There are several ways individuals or organization can contribute to our efforts. Below are a few examples of how your organization can honor the Veterans of hte Korean War:


Many Americans don’t remember the details of the Korean War, but Lewis Langley can never forget. Langley was an infantryman who spent 13 months on the Korean peninsula in the latter days of the war. “I was very lucky,” he recalls. “The shooting stopped three months after I got there.”

Returning Korean War vets didn’t have the same experience as World War II veterans, who were celebrated, or Vietnam War vets, who were “shunned,” Langley says. “People were tired of five years of war,” he says. “It wasn’t as bad as Vietnam. ... They just didn’t acknowledge it.”